Revolutionary Ariel PODS is a multi-chamber, liquid unit dose detergent that adds a new dimension to laundry, with an innovative look, feel and performance. This new three-chamber liquid unit dose pod builds on Ariel’s heritage of delivering superior cleaning with breakthrough technology and expands on the successful launch of Ariel Liquid Laundry Soap technology in Brazil.

The strong design of this display successfully brings the Ariel PODS new concept to life within the retail environment. Good visual cues and a creative use of shape immediately identifies the new release. At the same time, clever use of materials also allows the brand to push the boundaries of retailer guidelines to great effect. Consumers can reach products from all sides with distinctive structural design and shopper messaging, which creates a unique and impactful brand display in-store.

Blog Article Figure
Blog Article Figure
Photos of the floor stand display at the GPA and Carrefour supermarket chains in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


1. Create a unit suitable for use in high traffic areas in store and highlight the product´s unique shape.
2. Promote launch of the new product and its features.
3. To generate a high-visibility floor stand unit display that could be placed at supermarket aisles, with high quality appearance and that communicates the launch of the new product, aligned with the media campaign.

Winner of the gold trophy in the semi-permanent house, construction, garden and cleaning category / Popai Brazil Award.


Images of the preliminary concepts, three-dimensional CAD models and final rendered images.

Blog Article Figure
Final 3D rendered model.
Blog Article Figure Blog Article Figure
Preliminary three-dimensional concepts.
Blog Article Figure
Volume and product capacity studies (three and four shelves).


Steel tubing structure with orange electrostatic powder coating finishing;
HIPS (High impact polystyrene) vacuum-formed body parts;
PETG backside digital printing communication;
Clear acrylic glorifier and shelves.
Overall dimensions: 500(W) x 1.400(H) x 400(D) mm.

Blog Article Figure
Exploded view.


Molds manufacturing and first prototype vacuum-formed pieces.

Blog Article Figure
Molds manufacturing and first prototype pieces.
Blog Article Figure
First glorifier prototype pictures and the Ariel Pod product.
Blog Article Figure
Photos of the first prototypes.


Images of the manufacturing plant and parts assembly processes.

Blog Article Figure
Blog Article Figure