Philips and D. E. Master Blenders / Sara Lee launched this single-serve coffee machine based on the success of their local best-selling coffee brand called Pilão.

In order to help attract the attention of shoppers and remind them that single-serve pod is a very easy and delicious new way of making homemade coffee tastes like creamy espressos, the display had to be an exact replica of their selling product.
The manufacturer hired Dezenho to execute their vision at retail by following their guide that both stays true to the brand´s authentic heritage and modernizes the look and feel of the brand communications. This would make the display highly recognizable among the others units using iconic visual impact shape.

Blog Article Figure
Blog Article Figure
Photos of the floor stand display at the GPA/Extra supermarket chain in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Steel tubing structure with black electrostatic powder coating;
High impact polystyrene (HIPS) vacuum-formed body;
White vinyl cutting plotter communication;
Interchangeable price tag holders (pegboard) in the frontal part of the shelves.
Overall dimensions: 900(W) x 1.500(H) x 350(D) mm.

Winner of the gold trophy in the semi-permanent non-alcoholic beverage category / Popai Brazil Award.


Images of the preliminary concepts, three-dimensional CAD models and final rendered images.

Blog Article Figure
Blog Article Figure
3D final renderings.


3D CAD software engineering development process.

Blog Article Figure
Steel tubing structure with electrostatic powder coating finishing.


Molds manufacturing and first prototype pieces.

Blog Article Figure
Final prototype.


Images of the manufacturing plant and parts assembly processes.

Blog Article Figure
Assembly process.
Blog Article Figure
Finished production unit picture.